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Attending To Neurobiology

Meeting Basic Needs and Getting Kids on Track to Fulfill Their Potential

The setting and the shifts that got us here 

  • Appropriate baselines  
  • Who are humans?  
  • What do they need to grow well? 
  • What does species normative development look like? 
  • What does species atypical development look like? 
  • The ethical classroom Meeting students’ basic needs through RAVES  How do we get back on track?

Shifting Baseslines of health

Introduction of The Evolved Nest presented by Darcia Narvaez, Professor of Psychology University of Notre Dame, Senior Assistant Provost, Fellow, Shaw Center for Children and Families, at the Child Flourishing Symposium.

Educación Ética Integrativa

Darcia Narvaez delivered a talk in Spanish for a seminar organized by the Mexican government’s Ministry of Education and UNICEF to advise the educational reforms being undertaken. The talk was called “Educación Ética Integrativa: Fomentar Ciudadanía, Comunidad, y Virtud en el Salón de Clases” [Integrative Ethical Education: Fostering Citizenship, Community and Virtue in the Classroom] 

Indigenous Worldview: Original Practices for Becoming Human

Darcia Narvaez is Professor of Psychology at the University of Notre Dame and writes a blog for Psychology Today called "Moral Landscapes." This is a talk given at the conference, Sustainable Wisdom: Integrating Indigenous Knowhow for Global Flourishing, which took place at the University of Notre Dame in 2016.

Human Evolution and Human Development Symposium

Human Evolution and Human Development Symposium 2012 at the University of Notre Dame's Center for Children and Families.

Indigenous Wisdom has much to teach US

A fascinating discussion of how westerners have much to learn from indigenous, Native American and First Nation wisdom. In fact what we have to learn is probably essential to the future sustainability of humanity and the earth.

Insights from Darcia's new book Indigenous Sustainable Wisdom: First-Nation Know-How for Global Flourishing.